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CRM Suite

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Companies and contact persons
Relations between companies and persons
User defined fields
Diary and tasks
Activity management
Meeting invitations and notifications
Video meeting integration
Time zones management
Mobile CRM for iOs and Android
Sales management
Request management
Incoming call identification
Mobile card scanner
Documents and templates
Different languages support
Google Workplace documents
Microsoft SharePoint documents
Inbox integration
SuperOffice for Outlook 365
Connect Gmail to SuperOffice
Connect Microsoft Outlook to SuperOffice
Find and save selections
Create a selection of all entities
Static selections
Dynamic selections
Create dashboards from selections
Combined selections
Manage Project members
Project Guide
Project workflows
User defined fields
Reports on all CRM data
Intelligent activity monitors
Dashboard – standard charts
Dashboard designer for custom charts
Sales targets
Consent management
Subscription management
Automate the right to be informed
Personal data report
Define Privacy rules
Anonymize deleted activities
User management
Creation and definition of lists
Group and filtering of lists
Create and add document templates
Import wizard
User defined fields
Macro workflows
Publicly listed apps and integrations
Manage Opportunity and Sales
Sales Checklist
Currency support
Sales Guide
Sales forecasting
Sales forecasting on different products
Sales workflows
Create quotes
Products and price lists
Quote alternatives and versions
Quote approvals
Quote documents
Ticket management
Ticket categorization
User defined fields
Selections of tickets
Autoreply and reply templates
Rule-based auto-assignment to agents
Escalation and prioritization
Batch management
Service Dashboard
Service statistics
Detailed change log
SMS Connector - Service
Knowledge base - FAQs
Email marketing creation and sending
Free email marketing template library
Email marketing template creator
Free image library
Google Analytics tracking
Tracking of links
Custom actions on link-clicks
Bounce management
Spam complaints management
SMS Connector - Marketing
Email marketing reports
Store campaigns sent in archives
Add forms to your webpages or emails
Free form template library
Double Opt-in and landing pages
Consent management in forms
Forms submissions management with custom actions